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Cerebos is a long established business with a strong internationally known brand which is the market leader in the retail salt market in South Africa with extended distribution into Southern Africa. The company’s industrial business is focused on the supply of quality salt to the food manufacturing sector while the retail division strives to deliver consumer with an array of value added convenience products.


To be recognised as Southern Africa’s foremost supplier of salt. To be the market leaders and consumers first choice in premium salt, while leveraging the Cerebos brand, entering into the mainstream of flavour enhancement and striving to provide superior customer focus at all times.


Established in South Africa in the 1960’s, Cerebos is the leader in the South African retail salt market, with distribution extending throughout Southern and Sub Saharan Africa. With the industrial division proving to be a reputed supplier of salt to the food manufacturing sector and the retail division delivering an array of valued added convenience products; Cerebos is a staple of the South African household.
Originally a wholly-owned subsidiary of RHM Ltd UK, the 1980s saw its acquisition by AngloVaal Industries (through the subsidiary now known as National Brands Limited).


In October 2002, the management of Cerebos purchased the business as a consortium and formed the locally-based independent entity that we know as South Africa’s first choice in quality salts.
Committed to its role as a nation builder, the business welcomed BEE partner Khumo Bathong Strategic Investments (KBSI) in March 2006. Having acquired a significant stake in Cerebos Ltd, they provided both equity capital & strategic input that has proven to be crucial in securing an exciting new venture.


With the assistance of the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA), shareholders of Cerebos Limited funded the erection of a new plant to successfully produce Pure Vacuum Dried food grade salt to the South Africa consumer. Having invested in excess of R120 million, this site commissioned in the Industrial Development Zone (under the auspices of the Coega Development Corporation) is ideally situated for imports & exports and will continue to provide employment opportunities to the local community. 
In February 2012, a consortium of investors acquired the business to ensure that it remains the quintessential salt producer. Comprising of a broad based BEE vehicle (led by African Pioneer Investments), Investec Principal Investments, Netherne Investments and previous Managing Director, Mr Len Chandler; it is clear that Cerebos is committed to investing in South Africa and its people.


CHESHIRE HOMES EASTERN CAPE: Cheshire Homes caters for chronically physically disabled adults who have come to live their lives, either by choice or because of circumstances beyond their control.


EMMANUEL HAVEN: Emmanuel Haven is a unique community-based project with an integrated marketplace approach, established primarily to deal with the growing number of adults and children infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.



Cerebos is committed to black economic empowerment (BEE), which it regards as both a national and business imperative. This is not simply a philosophical or theoretical endorsement. It is a strategic priority for all Cerebos operations. Cerebos has embarked on a campaign to become the first fully compliant BEE salt manufacturer in South Africa and continue to drive the process into the future. Cerebos has made great steps to achieving this goal.

The social upliftment of all Cerebos employees and previously disadvantaged individuals in the Eastern and Western Cape is also a key focus to the organization. The company encourages an innovative culture and behaves like a family loyally supporting their employees and it’s strong brands. The working environment is dynamic and empowered and each Cerebos employee is nurtured and given the opportunity to make a difference. Cerebos also has an educational fund administered by employees and Management.

Cerebos is implementing Mission Directed Work teams (MDW) under the guidance of the NPI(National Productivity Institute) in the existing production facility in an effort to empower the work force with better skills and knowledge to drive the company forward together. This program allows individuals with initiative to stand out and take on more responsibility within the business.

Language and writing skills have also been addressed and all employees are encouraged to attend language and writing classes provided by the company in an effort to increase literacy. Cerebos has always supported the communities in which they operate. The focus has always been on the upliftment of individuals and groups.

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