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Fresh On The Shelf

2017-04-16T12:31:56+02:00Categories: The Latest|

#FreshOnTheShelf: Cerebos launches Lite Salt in line with Be Salt Wise campaign Cerebos has launched Cerebos Lite Salt, which contains 65% sodium chloride with 35% potassium chloride, a salt alternative that will allow consumers to make healthy lifestyle choices [...]


2016-05-16T20:52:25+02:00Categories: Recipes|

(Serves 4 people as a side salad for a braai) Ingredients: 300g fresh baby marrows 15ml olive oil 15ml balsamic vinegar 5ml Dijon mustard Cerebos ground black pepper Cerebos Mediterranean Flakes Method: Make a dressing by adding the olive oil, [...]


2017-04-16T12:31:56+02:00Categories: The Latest|

Fancy a bit of an experiment? Why not prove the hypothesis of salt dampening the bitterness of coffee for yourself? Whether you add it to the grounds or sprinkle it as though it were saffron just prior to serving, salt [...]


2017-04-16T12:31:56+02:00Categories: The Latest|

Humble and unassuming, salt is often taken for granted in the kitchen. It can create an entirely new experience which is even more delightful when paired with another every day food – fruit! In Asia it is not uncommon to [...]