Hints and Tips

Rub insides of teats with Cerebos salt to loosen any dried milk before sterilising.
Make a thick Cerebos salt and water paste and place over sting to relieve pain.
Rinse small cuts in warm solution of 1 x 15 ml spoon Cerebos salt per 250ml water to check bleeding and then cover with an adhesive dressing.
Mix 1 x 2,5 ml spoon Cerebos salt with 500 ml boiled water. Bathe eyes.
Soak feet in a bowl of warm water which has 4 handfuls of Cerebos salt added.
Iodated salt can help prevent goitres.
Dissolve 1 x 15ml spoon Cerebos salt and 1 x 15 ml bicarbonate of soda in a glass of boiling water. Allow to cool slightly, then use as a gargle.
Using a soft toothbrush, brush teeth and gums with Cerebos salt to stimulate gums and whiten teeth.
Put 3 cups of Cerebos salt into your bath water and you’ll find that it relieves aches and pains and refreshes.