Tips and Hints

Iodation is the addition of iodine, such as in this case, to salt. Potassium Iodate is added at 40 – 60ppm to salt during the relining and packing process.
Iodine is a naturally occurring element which is present in the sea as well as in the soil. It is necessary for the normal physical and mental development of human beings.

Over the past centuries large amounts of iodine have been leached from the surface soil by rain and carried back to the sea. Repeated flooding in areas which have had heavy rainfall also increases the depletion of iodine from the earth. Therefore, all crops grown in these areas lack iodine.

There is thus a prevalence of iodine deficiency diseases in third world countries. These diseases include goitre (enlargement of the thyroid gland!, miscarriages, stillbirths, loss of energy, reduced mental ability and retarded physical development. The Government directed that all salt manufactured after 1 December 1995, for sale in stores, must be iodated.

No, it does not affect the taste or the colour of salt at all.
Cerebos non-iodated salt has been made available to iodine intolerant consumers through pharmacies only.