Just when you thought chocolate couldn’t get any better… imagine salt infused chocolate tart tempered with lemongrass ice cream or salted chocolate ganache! Salt and chocolate are a handsome couple which has become increasingly trendy and no wonder – our favourite mineral coaxes chocolate right out of its shell.

We recommend trying out Madecasse Chocolate in 80% Cocoa or 70% Cocoa, alongside a variety of salts, including black, citron, natural, red chilli, smoke or wild garlic. We can guarantee that the latter will bring out the dimensions of the former, as well as creating new ones. An absolute hit with dinner guests and on date night, we challenge you to find the most harmonious blends!

Madecasse has four times the impact of fair trade chocolate, thanks to its commitment to making a better bar of chocolate and in turn, a better world. As for the salt? The coarser the better! We love the complex flavour combination of red chilli Falksalt with dark chocolate and the crunch of the ever exotic Cerebos Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes.

Sinking your teeth into your favourite chocolate just became a whole lot more interesting!